the farm

‘A real nature haven, a great place to reconnect with nature’.

According to official records, the first known occupier of Holwell Farm, which derives from a ‘Holy Well’, goes back as far as 750 years! The farm itself has had a quiet, yet a very long life. The lands have always been used for livestock and vegetables with one or two farmhands working.

In 1902, the Farmhouse suffered a devastating fire, although many interesting features still remain inside such as the drawing room inglenook and medieval hall. An ancient track that’s of special historical interest and acts as a public right of way also still runs past the farm today.

The closest neighbours we have at Holwell, are our animals. 200 ewes, 6 horses and a farm cat, enjoy roaming the historic meadows year round. Every year, our guests and staff at Holwell always look forward to the moving in of Wild Red Deer. Around October, approximately 40 move into our natural landscape to seek refuge over the winter.