It all started with a boy who loved the south west…

Walking around the farm that was once his fathers, inspired Ollie, born in Somerset, to look at pursuing his own career, but in hospitality and events. Ollie is the son of the late Trevor Greenslade, who at the peak of his career was a successful vegetable producer within the heart of the South West. 

Using what his father had left him and his own passion for the outdoors and flare for creativity, Ollie decided that he wanted to create his own business. He has very fond memories exploring and learning about farm life with his Father and wished to create a similar environment for others to enjoy too. Whilst living in Devon, this encouraged Ollie’s burning desire to buy a suitable farm. After finding and falling in love with Holwell Farm in August ‘19, he’s not looked back! 

Moving forward, enhancing and preserving the best of the varied wildlife the team have at Holwell Farmhouse, is very much at the forefront of what they’re trying to maintain and grow.

The team have spent the last year bringing the Farmhouse back to life, improving the active farm use and rejuvenating two original ponds which are now teaming with life, all year round. They’re actively engaged in environmental stewardship programmes to support and enhance the natural features of the farm.

Holwell is proud to sponsor the British Dragonfly Society