Hello world!

Our first post and WOW, what a year.

Finally, it’s taken over 18 months to get to this point. Our contractors are half way through the Farmhouse renovation and we continue our efforts in preserving and enhancing the varied wildlife at the farm.

The time of year for our wild deer is coming to an end, but life is about to bloom as we approach Spring ’21. Snow drops and daffodils are starting to burst through the soil throughout the gardens and surrounding the ponds. Buds on hedge rows and trees are also starting to form.

It’s certainly been a huge learning curve for us. We purchased Holwell Farm in a state of disrepair and everything (we do mean EVERYTHING) was over grown. Ivy wrapped and bedded deep in and around ancient walls, rotten windows, blocked drains, absent foundations… you name it, we’re fixing it.

Ollie, having fond childhood memories of growing up on his Father’s farm, wants everybody to experience the lifestyle. Even if it’s for just a week or weekend, sharing the chance to explore and relax in a similar, safe, rural environment is the goal for him.

We look forward to sharing the challenges we’ve already faced, updating you on renovation milestones and the exciting lead up to opening in June ’21!